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Marauder nerfed hard in ROR

Ok let's talk about Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning - a private server of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (RIP).

And a "balance changes" of Marauder.

Long time ago, at live, Marauder was a very good melee dps class for Destruction side. One of a few for Destro, that was called as "IMBA".
It has a several paths of playstyle, but most common was a jack of all trades, my favorite, that performs well in the any possible cases: solo roam, small-scale, zerg, pve - just everywhere.
My Mara from Live game (Karak-Norn), 19th Dec 2013:

Before that free-for-all-100rr he was 98rr (100rr added only 2 renown points) and already has 100rr weapons and gear (check backpack). And some footage of that, young yet marauder, 2 years before screenshot above:

Yeah, sadly that game has been closed...

What has happened in ROR? As we are joking here: "Some WL was killed by Mara".

First nerf, ~2 years ago, was in mutation procs and Axe toss skill - no mutation procs are possible anymore at this skill. Not a big deal, right? But that was only the beginning.

Second, they fixed out tactic "Piercing Bite". At live it allowed to ignore 50% of armor with any skills and attacks, not only that ones required mutation, as it stated in the tooltip. Mythic/Bioware was aware of that tactic "wrong" work, but never fixed it. Maybe for a reason? Maybe it was a wrong tooltip?
But not a ROR devs. They said: "We fixed it to make it work like tooltip says it must to". But that was a clear nerf. Why? Let me explain:
Marauder has a several skills, that does NOT requires any mutation: Corruption (spammable Toughness debuff), Debilitate (snare), Flail (spammable attack), Thunderous Blow (wounds debuff and strong damage), Concussive Jolt (aoe knockdown), Wave of Mutation (aoe weapon skill and initiative debuff + DOT). And add here autoattack.
Basically, Marauder's DPS was reduced by 20-30% with only that tactic "fix" (nerf) and by ~40% in case of tanks.

Just a bit of history: at the start of the game, Marauder was mentioned as a class, that would use mutation for debuffing opponents and would not - for dealing damage. They even were possible to wear two-handed weapons - without being able to mutate, sure! And Marauder in dual-weild case wasn't able to choose his offhand weapon (it was auto placed, depends on mutation). Damn, Mara was so gimped that times, noone has a wish to play him seriously: weak damage, need to constantly swap and drop mutations, low survivability, etc. Mythic changed this in the live game, so Mara becomes much stronger. But they hasn't finished rework of marauders. That's why his skills and tactics still has this "mutation or not" mess and possibility to drop mutations.

Third nerf was made with Thunderous Blow skill. They said it is too strong and increased it's cooldown up to 10 sec (from 5 sec). I can even agree here, but not with the next change of that skill.

Fourth nerf was made not so far and it tooks Thunderous Blow skill again. They changed it's position in the Savagery tree: from 5 points to 13. And like it wasn't enough, they halved wounds debuff value. Basically, they made this skill not worth to pick at all: it requires too much investment in the Savagery tree, has low damage (not affected by PB tactic), has low wounds debuff.

Do you know, that there is the only class, that able to buff allies wounds? This is Warrior Priest. He buffs his party with an Enchntment of +80 wounds. No any Destro class has anything similar.
Marauder can't purge enchantments form enemy, nor blessings (don't sell me bullshit about 11th tactic in the Brut tree please). He must have strong wounds debuff - just to beat that wounds buff! Isn't that clear? Not for ROR devs and their fans.

And some undirect nerf - disrupt changes. Devs changed claculation of disrupt, so make it procs a way more often. We all remember at live disrupt was a rare case, even for healers or tanks in Hold the Line. Not in ROR anymore. This is just pointless for mages to attack healers, who has high willpower and fully specced to Deft defender renown ability - you would have not less than 50% chance to got your skills disrupted (way more in real). Even BW's tactic Flashfire becomes high viable here, but noone used it at live!
Why I am talkingt about it here? Simple: Terrible Embrace. Yes, this is marauder's pull, that is based on... Intelligence. That was at live, this is here in ROR. Melees just do not have any high numbers of Int. But at live disrupt wasn't a case, as I am already said. And how do you think: how often TE disrupts here? Let's say: VERY often. Stupid? Yes.

In the last patch devs changed a little the Terrible Embraqce work: now it's undefendable from back. Good? Not, still bad. Why: there is pretty rare cases, when your targets are 100% turned away from you. They are strafing, or facing at you, so you wouldn't benefit from this change too much.
Why not make an extremely obvious change and rely TE on Str, instead of Int? Let it still can be disrupted, but the main stat for TE would be Str - why not do this? I don't know

And some pretty hidden nerf: Mosntrosity proc. In the my video above, you can check it's uptime - it is close to 90% while in Monstro. Yes, because 25% chance is very high. But that was at live server with proper skills work. Here in ROR it's much lower - on my experience, it is more like 15% or even less.
Sometimes devs are making hidden changes in skills, without adding it to the patchnotes - maybe they tested something and just forgot to revert it or add to patchnotes, or (pretty sure this) they just don't give a fuck about players, who playing "unlucky" classes. Wouldn't wonder, if they just nerfed Monstro proc silently long time ago, because someone decided, that this is too much.

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